Unsatisfying Friendships
Fanfic Information
Author Plinkoid
Genre Friendship/General
Rating T
Pairing(s) Crenny
Written October 27, 2011
No. of Chapters 1
Status Complete
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Fic Chronology
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Unsatisfying Friendships is a oneshot fanfiction written and published on FanFiction.Net by Plinkoid.


Kenny thought befriending Craig was a good idea, it's not. He just wishes he could pull away from that cellphone.


Not long after they started hanging out, Craig made a comment about Kenny's appearance, and how he would never become romantically involved with a girl if he always hid his face under a hoodie. Since then, Kenny would always remove his hood when Craig was present.

Kenny wasn't very fond of Craig. He only hung around with him due to their mutual inability to interact with other people. Kenny could not let anybody get close to him without revealing his immortality curse, and Craig was generally quiet and icy. Although after five years, they were still strangers to each other and Kenny really started to despise him.

One day, as Craig was visiting Kenny's house, he receives a mysterious phone call. Craig rushes to his car and commands Kenny to join him. Craig swerves quickly away from the house and ignores Kenny's various questions. Half and hour later Craig stops on the side of an unoccupied highway and asks Kenny to get out. Kenny refuses, and they end up having a hear-to-heart conversation.

Craig asks Kenny why he pretended to be his friend for so long. Kenny explains that he wanted to be like their childhood friend, Tweek, who always looked so alive when he was with Craig. Kenny longed for moments that made him feel alive. Alternatively, Craig explains that he let Kenny hang around him was because he had messy blond hair like Tweek's.

Tweek had hit rock bottom with his caffeine addiction and moved away from South Park with his parents to go to drug rehabilitation. Although Tweek is now apparently healthy and happy, he had never moved back to South Park. Craig's plan had been to get into a college in Tweek's city, but the phone call was from Craig's parents telling him that he had not been accepted.

Kenny tries to comfort Craig, like a real friend would. close to tears, Craig agrees to go back to Kenny's house.

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