Character Information
Gender Male
Hair Fibers are Blue
Age 17 (towel years)
Occupation Former towel at Lake Tardicaca
Debut Episode/Fic "Towelie"

Towelie is a talking towel who was genetically engineered so he could make people as dry as necessary depending on the situation. He is usually seen either appearing out of nowhere to give towel advice to the citizens of South Park, or getting high.

Please visit his article on the South Park Archives for more information.



Towelie on the SP-site

Towelie is said to be 17 in towel years, although how many actual years a "towel year" is worth is unknown. He worked at Lake Tardicaca, but was fired for getting high over fourteen times. Towelie was addicted to marijuana, crystal meth, and crack cocaine, and tried using heroin and inhaling computer duster. After an intervention with the boys, Towelie went to rehab and has since been sober.

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