the slash club
Fanfic Information
Author kyleisgod
Genre Humor/General
Rating M
Pairing(s) Style
Written June 11, 2006
No. of Chapters 12
Completed January 7, 2007
Status Complete
Link the slash club
Fic Chronology
Promises the slash club sweet revenge

the slash club is a fanfiction written and published on FanFiction.Net by kyleisgod.


The girls form a certain after school club. Can Stan and Kyle survive its presence? Can Cartman get Kenny kicked out of the club?


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  • The Slash Club girls are a parody of the crazed fans who push their favorite pairings onto others.
  • There is also a (Possible) reference to Caught in the Act, as Wendy states that Cartman would likely post her picture of Stan and Kyle "All over the school".

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