The Journal of One Kenny McCormick
Fanfic Information
Author Seaouryou
Genre Drama
Rating T
Written July 7, 2006
No. of Chapters 25
Completed February 12, 2007
Status Complete
Link The Journal of One Kenny McCormick
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That Story With the Stupid Plot The Journal of One Kenny McCormick Craig, Leader of the Lawn Gnomes

The Journal of One Kenny McCormick is a fanfiction written and published on FanFiction.Net by Seaouryou.


Oh, life. It’s such a tremendous pain in the ass. I'm not too thrilled about death, either.


Kenny McCormick is a hopeless teen hailing from a rather dysfunctional family consisting of junkie parents and a good-for-nothing sister. He also had an older brother named Kevin who died in a car crash several years ago. On his sixteenth birthday, he receives a cheap notebook from his parents. Deciding to put it to good use other than drawing nude models in it, he keeps it as a journal to document the extreme ups and downs of his daily life.

Kenny has the bizarre ability to come back to life after being killed... a common occurrence. After getting quite drunk on his birthday, he dies, only to “wake” back up to his friends fighting and trying to sell his body to a medical facility. Not a pleasant way to spend a birthday. Other than seeing the love of his life, curvaceous goth girl Henrietta, the day was not one he would be particularly fond of.

Recently, Kenny’s porn stash has been reducing one stolen magazine at a time. Unsure of who to accuse, he begins questioning his friends and family. Not that any of them will fess up to the crimes committed. Kenny is asked to star in one of his friend’s film’s only to be asked to do something inappropriate even by Kenny’s somewhat low standards...with another male. With his friends becoming more and more distant and cruel (and killing him more often), Kenny turns to another friend: a French, asexual, and misotheist boy named Christophe, AKA, The Mole.

Mole is a good friend to Kenny, doing things like hanging out at the park and re-watching Les Miserables. Kenny’s other friend, a boy named Cartman with an unsound mind, begins dating another relatively unstable purse-obsessed girl named Wendy, resulting in new potential drama. His friends who had been previously fighting now are friends again to the extent of their being a strong homoerotic subtext. It annoys Kenny to no end. He still hasn’t discovered who stole his porn magazines.

Kenny later finds out that his exasperating younger sister was the one stealing his porn, not Mole as he had suspected. Kenny had gone through Mole’s possessions in search for his missing magazines, but apologizes and makes up over a pack of cigarettes in the park. Meanwhile, Kenny is still having no luck with wooing Henrietta.

Cartman and Wendy are in the process of a messy breakup, mostly over Kenny. Cartman had killed Kenny once to get a present for Wendy, and she did not appreciate it. The turbulent happenings in Kenny’s life are getting to be more and more frequent and old. He compares his life to a soap opera. He starts being stalked by his filmmaker “friend”, Craig, because Kenny isn’t participating in the gay romance scene of the movie.

Because Kenny is often killed, he ends up in hell. He does not want to go there anymore, so he begins looking into becoming Mormon because Mormons are guaranteed instant access to heaven. His efforts are not in vain, because the next time he died, he actually went to heaven.

Kenny finally gives in to Craig and his film, kissing the other guy while Craig records it. Kenny seriously doesn’t like kissing other men, and promises not to do it again. On the other hand, Kenny’s younger sister realizes that she is a lesbian, and Kenny is quite supportive of her.

His friends continuously “break up” and “get together” again, providing a constant background of problems. Kenny does his best to stay out of it. To Kenny’s embarrassment, the film Craig made is shown at a film festival, and the footage Craig took while stalking Kenny is rearranged so that the whole film looks like a gay love story.

Kenny tries to actively reach out to Henrietta after the film incident. To his surprise, Henrietta finds it interesting, a win for him. Bebe Stevens, a prudish girl that Kenny particularly dislikes begins tutoring him, much to his chagrin. Kenny’s little sister takes an immediate liking to her.

Kenny starts skipping school more regularly, and frequently feels bored. Luckily for him, Mole is there to keep him company, and to his surprise, so is Bebe. Kenny is invited to Henrietta’s house, and they hang out together for the first time in a long time. Bebe starts to be very clingy to Kenny.

When things start to look up a bit, Mole betrays Kenny’s trust in him by standing on the side of Kenny’s friends and saying that he’s taken a liking to Bebe. Kenny feels like all the time he’s known Mole has been a lie. Kenny enters going through a depressive period of art and gloom. He says he hates Mole.

Henrietta and Kenny sleep together, and Kenny further confirms that he is in love with her. However, he is heartbroken to find that she thinks that he only had sex with her for other reasons, and she expects him to pay for it. Kenny realizes that she is a prostitute, and feeling dejected, leaves her. To make matters worse, Kenny’s family constantly fights, and Kenny locks himself in his room to paint murals on his wall. Kenny gives up on becoming a Mormon.

Kenny and Mole make up and become friends again. Instead of betraying Kenny, Mole has been working with Bebe to help find her mother the whole time. Mole also consoles Kenny with his discovery of Henrietta’s profession.

In a flashback of three years prior, Kenny became drunk at a party and was picked up by his brother Kevin. They fight, and as a result get in an accident and Kevin is killed. Kenny’s last words to Kevin are cruel and said in drunkenness. Kenny blames himself for the accident.

Kenny finishes the painting in his room, and dies because of lead poisoning from the paint. Because he is no longer converting to Mormonism, he goes to hell. There, he meets Kevin for

the first time since Kevin’s death and Kenny apologizes profusely. Kevin tells Kenny that he was drunk as well, and that the accident was truly his fault. Kenny cries into Kevin’s shoulder, and for the first time in a long time, feels better about everything. He revives to find Bebe and Mole have been taking care of him and will be there should Kenny need them.

Several months later, Kenny writes in his journal for the last time. Things have been going very well for him and his friends, and he feels back to normal, or at least as normal as his life will ever be.

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