The BR Act
Fanfic Information
Author Suki-Itami
Genre Action/Tragedy
Rating M/18+
Pairing(s) Stenny (beginning chapters), Style, Bunny, Tyde (Unrequited), Clybe, Creek, Ikle
Written August 9, 2011
No. of Chapters 14
Completed August 25, 2011
Status Complete
Link BR Act
Warnings Heavy Violence & Language Throughout, Yaoi/Slash, Character Death, Some Sexual Themes/Situations
Fic Chronology
A World So Cold The BR Act He Misses Him

The BR Act is an action/tragedy story based on the Japanese novel, Battle Royale by Koushun Takami, as references to the rules, situations, and weapons are made throughout the story.


Eric Cartman has become the President of the United States and has passed into effect a law called The Battle Royale Act. The law requires that once a year, a town is fenced off for a week. The residents are then told to kill each other until there is only one left to be declared the "winner." The test town for this law is South Park, Colorado.


At learning the town to test out the newly past Battle Royale Act, South Park residents try to escape before the military can fence the town off. Unfortunately the townspeople who got out of the town before it was fenced off were killed by microchips that had gotten into their bloodstream through the drinking water, leaving half of the town dead before the battle begins.

While waiting to be released from the community center, Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Kenny McCormick, and Butters Stotch are standing in a group looking around at those both scared and prepared - most notably Pip Pirrup and Rebecca Cotswalds - for what was to come. When everyone is released, the group gets split up, though Stan & Kyle, and Kenny & Butters manage to find each other - the four meet again near the end.

Every six hours, more areas of the town become inaccessible and more people are added to a list of the dead, both of which are announced over a PA system set up through the town.

After several days of violence, betrayal, revenge, and tragedy, Kenny is the last man surviving. He meets with Cartman, who is shot by Kenny. However Cartman appears and states that the person Kenny shot was an actor. Kenny vows to kill all of Cartman's copies until he gets the real one. It ends with Kenny taking a shot at Cartman, who stopped to yell at his driver.

Point of ViewEdit

There's constant switching of who the story's following, though it constantly stays with canon characters - many original characters are mentioned but never followed. The characters that are followed the most are Butters Stotch, Kenny McCormick, Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Craig Tucker, and Rebecca Cotswalds - some more notable canon characters that are followed are Pip Pirrup, Tweek Tweak, Clyde Donovan, and Token Black.


  • The few romantic scenes in the story were inspired by harlequin novels.
  • Some of the battle sequences were inspired by the episode "The China Probrem".

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