Stutters is the romantic pairing of Stan Marsh and Butters Stotch.

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The pairing possibly originated from the episode "Fun with Veal", when Stan wakes up next to Butters, who has his arm around him.

In the episode "My Future Self n' Me", Stan asks Butters to tutor him. The two of them spent the majority of the episode together trying to get back at their parents after finding out that their "future selves" were just actors who were payed by their parents. After Butters attempts to reveal to Stan his secret identity as Professor Chaos, Butters tells Stan (dressed as Professor Chaos) "Wahahaha! Now you know my terrible secret!" and Stan replies "You're gay. It's fine if you're gay Butters I don't care." Also, Butters’ self-blame for his future self's apparent bad kidney from excessive drinking is what triggered Stan to get angry/suspicious of their future selves to the point he looks for evidence that they’re fakes. (This might mean that Stan thinks it’s not right to guilt trip a gullible and innocent kid like Butters, let alone himself.) This might also mean that he knows Butters well enough, and that Butters would never take drugs or change his attitude in a negative way, which led to his suspicion. Stan's anger towards his and Butters' parents led him to want to run away with Butters, as he tells him "We're running away!" twice.

In "Butters' Bottom Bitch", Stan is enraged at and interrupts the other kids who are bullying Butters again, this time for having never kissed a girl. When Butters prepares himself to be kissed by Sally Darson, Stan and Kyle are the only two boys that seem concerned for Butters, as Kyle claims that a first kiss should be something special, and Stan refuses to celebrate with everybody else after Butters does get his first kiss, having paid for it.

In "You Got F'd in the A", Stan wanted Butters to join his dancing group, but he refused the offer. On the day of the dancing competition, Butters changed his mind and joined Stan's group who won the competition (but only by default).

In "Butterballs", Stan criticizes the other boys for nonchalantly responding to Butters' black eye as a result of being bullied once again and decides to make a stand. The majority of this episode revolves around Stan wanting to raise awareness about the dangers of bullying by shooting a big music video starring Butters and this motivation was once again initiated by his worry for Butters being bullied on a daily basis. It is also noteworthy that this certain video Stan directed involves Butters being naked.

In "A Scause For Applause", Butters tells Stan, "Yeah I thought you were a butthole, [pokes Stan in the belly] but n-now I think you're a cute sneaky little butthole" after which they both smile at each other.


There are very few fanfictions that include this pairing. It was most popular over the duration of Season Six, but there has been a decline in fanworks produced since then.

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