Separate Lives
Fanfic Information
Author Suki-Itami
Genre Romance/Drama
Rating T+/16+
Pairing(s) Clyle, Style, Kenman (minor), Bunny (minor)
Written November 7, 2010
No. of Chapters 12
Completed November 17, 2010
Status Complete
Link Separate Lives
Warnings Yaoi/Slash, Rape, Some violence, Cheating
Series Chronology
Separate Lives Alone With Forever
Fic Chronology
He'll Walk Separate Lives Nothing Else Matters

Separate Lives is a fanfiction written and published on FanFiction.Net and DeviantART by Suki-Itami. It surrounds Kyle Broflovski and his long lost friend Stan Marsh. The main pairing actually is Style, though it starts off as Clyde/Kyle and Stan/OC. It is the sister story to Alone With Forever.


After Stan is banished from South Park for not voting in the school elections, he finds himself in Denver, being raised by a college bound woman. Nine years later, while in Denver to shop for some things, Kyle and his then fiance, Clyde Donovan run into him. From there, events spiral out of control and soon Kyle drifts away from Clyde.


Kyle and Clyde are in Denver to buy some things for the apartment they share with constantly fighting lovers, Kenny McCormick and Eric Cartman and while there, they come across Stan Marsh, whom they haven't seen since he was thrown out of South Park nine years prior. The trio hang out for a bit until Clyde and Kyle have to leave for South Park again, exchanging information about their lives thus far while they hang out.

When Clyde and Kyle return to South Park, Kyle's feelings are already beginning to confuse him, though he tries to pass it off as him being excited to see Stan again, which Clyde agrees to when the subject is brought up. The two go to tell Kenny and Cartman of the good news of finding Stan, but the two are fighting - Kenny having been hit before Clyde and Kyle made it back - and Cartman doesn't want to hear about it. More words are exchanged between those two before Kenny runs off with Kyle following him.

Kyle follows Kenny to the high school, where he finds him watching Butters Stotch play the cello with some of the other band members who stay after school to practice - including Tweek Tweak and Token Black. It's then that Kenny reveals that he's having an affair with Butters, but refuses to leave Cartman for the time being in order to protect Butters from a second round of Cartman's wrath. Shortly after Kenny tells this to Kyle, the band members finish for the day and they leave. Kyle tags along with Kenny and Butters to the Stotch residence when it begins to snow, and they end up stuck there for the night.

After being asked, Kyle meets up with Stan a bit later and the two hang out at the apartment Stan lives at with his guardian - who is currently visiting with her sister. Things start off as normal, but it very quickly spirals out of control as Stan seduces Kyle into sleeping with him. The night leaves Kyle even more confused about his feelings, and extremely guilty about what he's done to Clyde. He leaves immediately the next morning, trying to keep what happened to himself - he tells Kenny though, trusting the one he now called his best friend to keep the secret.

Kenny does keep the information to himself, but Clyde still finds out when Stan ends up in South Park to visit everyone not too much longer later. As a response, Clyde becomes enraged and ends up hurting Kyle without so much as batting an eye.

From there, everything falls apart for Clyde and Cartman, both of whom are brutally killed by Raven for what they've done to Kyle, Kenny, and Butters.


  • Separate Lives is based on the episode Douche and Turd.
  • The sister story, Alone With Forever, is still in progress.

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