Awww! Don't they make a cute couple? C'mon! You know they were totally made for each other! They're the best couple in this show by far! Don't you think so?

What do you mean they're both only ten years old?

Sometimes it happens that two characters display a startling amount of chemistry, even though they're both barely old enough to be interested in the opposite sex. This results in the occasionally squicky practice of Shipping two characters who are barely old enough to be in a relationship, but in fairness this isn't as squicky as pairing them off with adults. May be attempted by the fanwriters if the show deals with characters of that age group, but still wants to add in a romantic subplot.

Please note that this does not automatically qualify as squick since usually people only support innocent childhood crushes between the two. Most writers and fanfic authors let these characters age a bit before making moves. Some... don't.

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