Not-so Forgotten Birthday
Fanfic Information
Author Icelilly
Genre Friendship
Rating K
Written January 25, 2011
No. of Chapters 1
Status Complete
Link Not-so Forgotten Birthday
Fic Chronology
Valentine's Day Blues Not-so Forgotten Birthday Beautiful

Not-so Forgotten Birthday is a drabble written by Icelilly.


It's Craig's birthday and everyone seems to have forgotten. Or so he thinks.


It's Craig's birthday but everyone seems to have forgotten. Not one person in his family or group of friends said "Happy Birthday" to him. As he walks to class, someone on the intercom calls him down to Mr. Mackey's office. He walks down to his office and knocks. He answers and tells him to wait till he finishes writing letters to Principal Victoria. When Mackey finishes, he calls Craig in. He walks in to the office to find the room to be pitch black. He later hears a loud pop and the lights turn on. It was many of his classmates, showering him with gifts. He realizes that that his birthday was never forgotten. They only wanted to plan a surprise birthday party and pretended to forget. He joins in on the group and thanks them for a great birthday in his mind.

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