Character Information
Gender Commonly appears as a male
Hair Black
Eyes Red
Age Disguised as a 9 year old
Debut Episode/Fic Interactive South Park Character

Nightmare is an original character created by Squirrel245 on deviantART. He appears in various flash animations, most notably "The Tormentor" series.

Nightmare is the sadistic god of a far-off planet in another galaxy. After helping the inhabitants of his world reach a technological level much like Earth's, he grew curious about what lies on other planets and began touring the universe.

He picked the name "Nightmare" for himself during his travels after hearing a child complaining to her mother about having one.

While it's true that he nurtured his planet's inhabitants in the early stages of their existence, Nightmare loves nothing more than mass suffering; he treats his people as his playthings, doing things such as igniting every single one of them on fire then extinguishing them a few seconds later, causing a few people among a large crowd to drop dead at 5 second intervals creating widespread panic, spinning the planet at high speeds, and sinking an entire continent. This has made his planet's inhabitants very paranoid.

While he tours the universe, he makes a point of not attracting attention to himself and restricting his "fun" to violently killing criminals when nobody is watching. He also disguises himself in some way. The only time he has broken this rule was when he discovered the planet he was visiting was just about to invade his own. He incinerated the entire planet and killed 2.6 trillion people.

Nightmare also seems to like flashing lights, and will happily sit and watch something that flashes for days at a time, disguised or otherwise. He believes that the single greatest invention in the universe is the strobe light.


  • Nightmare says his favorite color is pain.
  • Nightmare's planet follows him across the universe (at a much slower speed), often smashing into other planets as it flies.
  • Nightmare likes to make it rain strange objects. Some of his favorites are silly putty, sand, and nails.
  • If Nightmare is within one lightyear of his planet, he is omnipotent, and very giggly because of it.
  • The Roswell incident occurred because Nightmare's planet collided with an alien spaceship as it was speeding towards him.
  • Nightmare legally owns a 2007 Mini Cooper S. Nobody is sure why.