Lucrezia (surname unknown)
Character Information
Gender Female
Hair Blue
Eyes Red
Age 17
Birthday August 5
Zodiac Sign Leo
Occupation Sex Slave
Debut Episode/Fic "Heart of a Slave"
Final Episode/Fic N/A

Lucrezia is an original character created by Suki-Itami for the fanFiction "Heart of a Slave". She is a minor character in the story, though she makes several appearances.


Lucrezia has light blue hair and bright red eyes, (no one is sure if these are natural or not, though it's generally believed they are). She's always in some combination of a white shirt or tank top, a black mini-skirt, white thigh-high socks, and black knee-high boots. She's always seen with a red collar around her neck with the names Lucrezia and Kenny engraved into the pendant.


Lucrezia always appears upbeat and delighted about everything, and willing follows her master's, Kenny's words with a smile. There are only a few times when this persona slips and she shows her true side, which is angered and depressed. She's far more troubled than she lets on.


For the most part, Lucrezia's history and past are unknown since she doesn't like to talk about it, even to Kenny. There have been a few instances where she accidentally reveals information to Miranda and Katrina that make them believe she was abused before being sold to the company.

The only part of her past that is completely certain though is the company she was from and when she arrived since she and Miranda were bought from the same company.


Though it's never directly mentioned, Lucrezia is an atheist. Since this is never brought to question by any of the characters directly involved in the story, it's never really said why she's made this choice. Kenny's mother does ask her to church one time though and she refuses, saying that she is against organized religion so that peace can be kept in that household.


Any and all family is unknown to be alive.


Kenny McCormickEdit

Lucrezia's master. She often just calls him Kenny even around other people, seeing as they both are very laid back about the entire situation. When the two are together, Lucrezia is usually hanging off of Kenny's arm, seeming to love the touch. Though she'll never admit it, she really does love Kenny and wants to stay by his side forever.

Kyle BroflovskiEdit

These two rarely interact, and when they do it is because of Kyle's slave, Miranda. Usually their interactions involve Kyle helping Kenny to break up a fight between Lucrezia and Miranda.

Eric CartmanEdit

Though Lucrezia hates him, they have a lot of interaction since Lucrezia is best friends with Cartman's slave, Kyra. Cartman is never shown to hate Lucrezia in return, but he also doesn't seem to care for her constant presence either.

Stan MarshEdit

There is rarely any interaction between these two. When there is, it's very brief and insignificant.


Lucrezia and Miranda used to be close friends when they were at the company until Lucrezia realized Miranda was going to achieve more than she could dream of. She became jealous and the two would fight all the time. They were separated for a short time when Lucrezia was bought by Kenny, but reunited after Miranda was bought for Kyle. They usually find some reason to fight when they are left alone together for too long, so they rarely interact.


Lucrezia's best friend and her "partner in crime," so to speak. Since they both share this hatred for Cartman, who is Kyra's master, they often play horribly mean pranks on Cartman. Most of the time they work and they end up pissing off Cartman, though a few have been known to backfire onto them, which always makes Cartman laugh. Usually if they go a bit overboard with a prank, both Kenny and Cartman will punish them for what they've done.


These two rarely interact and when they do, it is because Katrina is defending Miranda. The two are friends but just don't act like it at all.


  • Lucrezia was inspired and based on Lucrezia Borgia from Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood.
  • Kenny's mother considers Lucrezia to be "one of the family" and almost demands a grandchild from her and Kenny constantly.

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