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Kyman (also known as Cartyle) is the romantic pairing of Kyle Broflovski and Eric Cartman.

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In several other television shows, love-hate relationships between couples are common. Many apply this to Cartman and Kyle's rivalry, which has so far lasted the entire series, although arguably did not become as spiteful until near the fourth season. In most recent episodes, their rivalry has mellowed out into a recurring friendship. The pairing has recently been getting popular, due to recent episodes like the "Imaginationland" trilogy,"Tonsil Trouble" and "Cartman Finds Love".


Throughout the run of the series, supporters of the pairing have pointed out scenes that, through images and dialogue, seem to imply that the two may be leading into a romantic relationship.


  • In "Goobacks" Kyle and Cartman are holding hands at the end when they are all singing,'The Future Begins, With You And Me"
  • KymanManBearPig

    Cartman standing really close to Kyle's face in "ManBearPig"

    In "ManBearPig", when the boys are locked up in the cave, Cartman gets very close to Kyle's face while he is sleeping, gloating about the treasure, When Kyle wakes up, he starts a simple chitchat to cover up, while remaining close to his face, moving away only when Kyle becomes uncomfortable and tells him off. Later, when the cave the boys are trapped in floods, Kyle tries to save Cartman. Although it would have guaranteed his own safety, he refuses to let go of Cartman, and he almost drowns because of it.
  • In "Crack Baby Athletic Association", Cartman is perfectly happy to have Kyle on his team, going so far as putting him in a high position and calling him brilliant on multiple occasions. Kyle in turn obeys Cartman's demands and defends him repeatedly to Stan.
  • KymanYoureGettingOld

    Cartman and Kyle smiling at each other in "You're Getting Old"

    In the episode "You're Getting Old", after Kyle doesn't want to be Stan's friend anymore, he and Cartman are shown at the end playing a video game together, before Kyle looks at Cartman and smiles at him. Cartman returns the smile.


  • In "Fun with Veal", Kyle almost kisses Cartman's ass in order to persuade him to help them save the baby calves. However, this is part of an agreement on Cartman's end, and Kyle is disgusted.
  • In "Cancelled" Kyle hesitantly and unwillingly sticks a finger up Cartman's ass to activate the anal probe, something Cartman is quite proud of. Furthermore, he claims that it was "one of the best times he has ever had."
  • In the episode "Fat-Butt and Pancake Head", Cartman kisses Kyle with his Jennifer Lopez hand puppet, and continually has the puppet call him attractive and handsome.
  • At the end of "Smug Alert", Cartman goes to great lengths despite himself in order to save Kyle and his family from the San Francisco smug storm. He risks his own life to save not only Kyle, but his whole family. He claimed it was because he missed arguing with Kyle.
  • In "Go God Go XII", when Cartman is stuck in the future, he calls Kyle (after himself and Butters) and when Kyle doesn't believe him and says "suck my balls fatass", Cartman responds with, "I will. I will suck your balls, Kyle. Just stop me from freezing myself, and I will get down on my knees and I will suck your balls. I will suck them dry, Kyle" also calling him the smartest guy he knows.
  • In "Le Petit Tourette", Kyle strives to keep Cartman's show from airing, unknowing that Cartman also wants to get out of it. When Kyle succeeds, Cartman can't thank him enough, and does so with a big hug. He also tells Kyle that he loves him, and runs away happily, much to Kyle's dismay.
  • In the "Imaginationland" trilogy, Cartman makes a bet with Kyle that if he could prove he saw a Leprechaun, Kyle would have to suck his balls. When they really do see the Leprechaun, Cartman throws an entire party for the "event". When Kyle is taken away by the government, Cartman spends the rest of the trilogy hunting down Kyle and trying to force him to uphold the bet.
  • In "Tonsil Trouble", Cartman infects Kyle with the HIV virus as revenge for making fun of him. While flying with Kyle to find a cure, Cartman, in high hopes, puts his hand on Kyle's, to which Kyle coldly replies "Don't touch me." They are mistakenly referred to as "brave lovers" after they found the cure against HIV, due to Kyle noting continuously Cartman "gave him" AIDS. (AIDS is a sexually-transmitted disease.)Also when Cartman and Butters are going to Kyle's house to infect him when he sleeps,Cartman said that he has sneaked into Kyle's room dozens of time.
  • At the end "It's a Jersey Thing", Cartman pinches his cheek affectionately, saying "You're a monster, but you're my little monster".
  • In "Funnybot", when held hostage by the Germans, Cartman tries to offer Kyle to them in exchange for freedom. While rubbing Kyle's belly, he says calls Kyle "a handsome, soft Jew" and says that he is "fresh and beautiful".
  • In "Cartman Finds Love", Cartman tells everyone he and Kyle are a gay couple in order to prevent Kyle from stepping in Token and Nichole's relationship.
    • It was also shown that Cartman kept the blanket Kyle gave him in "Jewpacabra".


  • Hqdefault

    Kyle comforting Cartman in "Kenny Dies"

    In the episode "Kenny Dies", when Cartman is very upset over the fact that Kenny is dying, Kyle gives him a comforting hug and holds him as Cartman cries into his shoulder.
  • In, "It's a Jersey Thing", many boys were raped by Snooki, but the Jersey in Kyle only came out when Cartman was being raped. After Kyle goes into his Jersey form, he immediately runs to Cartman and says many insults to Snooki to intimidate her enough to stop her actions and turn her attention to Kyle. After many insults, Kyle finally punches Snooki in the face causing Snooki to flee out the window. Afterwards Cartman stands up still crying a bit and thanks Kyle.
  • In "Jewpacabra", Kyle goes to Cartman, who is passed out in the park, and cuts him loose from the chains. He then wraps a blanket around Cartman and walks him home, where he puts him in his bed, throws the blanket over Cartman and then leaves.



Kyman is considered one of the most popular pairings in the South Park fandom. But this pairing often rivals with the pairing Style.

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