Just So You Could Get High
Fanfic Information
Author Suki-Itami
Genre Tragedy
Rating T+/16+
Pairing(s) Style (suggested)
Written March 3, 2011
No. of Chapters 1
Status Complete
Link Just so You Could Get High
Warnings Drug abuse, disturbing imagery, strong language
Fic Chronology
Assassin's Creed: Avenger Just So You Could Get High Heart of a Slave

Just So You Could Get High written and published on FanFiction.Net and DeviantART by Suki-Itami.


After years of not seeing his best friend, Stan finally finds Kyle again though the redhead isn't in the best of shape. Stan wants things to turn around for Kyle, and is willing to help him, but things aren't meant to be the same for Kyle ever again.


After years of not seeing one another, Stan just happens to find Kyle sitting in an alley one night while he was walking home from a college class. Stan is horrified at the sight of his old friend, finding him wearing torn, semen-covered clothes that practically hang off of his now thin body. His face is scarred and his fingers are wrapped in bloodied bandages. Concerned and scared for Kyle, Stan takes him back to his apartment so he can shower and eat.

While at Stan's apartment, Kyle breaks down in the shower, surprised and happy at once that someone is finally willing to help him after all this time.

After they eat, Stan offers to change the bandages on Kyle's fingers since they desperately needed it. Kyle refuses the offer, saying he'll do it himself, but Stan doesn't give him a choice and changes them anyway. Once again, Stan is horrified by what he sees beneath the bandages: Kyle's fingertips are melted down to the bone. Upon asking Kyle what happened, Stan finds out more about what his best friend has been doing than he thought he would.

Kyle reveals that Kenny introduced him to various types of drugs after graduation, though none of what Kenny introduced to him did that to his fingers. He never says who introduced him to that particular drug. After telling Stan all of this information, Kyle tries to leave but isn't allowed. Stan insists on him staying with him and pushes him into a bedroom for him to stay in. The two then go to sleep.

The next morning Stan wakes up to find Kyle has left with one of his coats and all of his money - $10. Determined not to let Kyle get away, Stan runs from his apartment and across South Park yelling his name. Just before he appears to give up, Bebe screams from a nearby parking lot when Kyle puts a knife to her throat.

Kyle demands all of the money in both Bebe and her husband Clyde's wallets before he'll let her go, ignoring both Stan and Clyde's pleas to let Bebe go. Kyle finally does let Bebe go after Clyde throws his wallet at him, but this action is met with death as Clyde is revealed to be a police officer, something Kyle wasn't aware of.

Later Stan finds Kenny and finally has a mini-breakdown, blaming Kenny for what happened and for Kyle's choices.


  • Just So You Could Get High was inspired by and based on the Nickelback song, "Just to Get High."
  • The author also turned this into an original oneshot set in Waco, Texas, though she hasn't posted it.

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