Heiman (sometimes Heidman or Carteidi) is the romantic pairing of Eric Cartman and Heidi Turner.

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The two characters are a key focus of the story arcs of Season 20, during which they became close friends, and eventually began a romantic relationship. They broke up in the Season 21 premiere, "White People Renovating Houses", but get back together in the next episode, “Put It Down”.


The pairing's origins can be traced back to Heidi's first speaking appearance (in which she was referred to as Marcy) in the episode "Probably", where she refused to leave Cartman's church with her parents and Cartman insists to her parents that she must stay to be "saved". In "Marjorine", Heidi acted somewhat of a Cartman of the female population, with some qualities reminiscent of Cartman's original 'Whiny' personality. This could possibly serve as a basis for a future bond for the two.

Most notably, Heidi and Cartman were paired together in the episode "Follow That Egg!" and seem to get along rather well, the only sign of displeasure being Heidi's moan of 'Awwww!' on being partnered with him. Also, Cartman pleads with Mrs. Garrison to change Heidi's grade to a well-deserved A and his to an F when he breaks his egg. Though he claims that this will cause their grade to average out to a C- for the both of them, he never voices why and he keeps his sincerity true.

They also sat together in "The Ungroundable", when Mr. Mackey was teaching computer lessons. This might indicate that they might still be close friends.


In Season 20, beginning in "Member Berries", Heidi is the first of the girls to accuse Cartman of being the sexually harassing troll Skankhunt42, but after continued bullying, she quits Twitter entirely. When Cartman is forcibly removed from social media and proven innocent, he and Heidi hang out together and bond over not using social media anymore. Heidi eventually apologizes to Cartman for accusing him and they become friends. When he expresses confusion about vaginas, she offers to show him one.

By the episode "Weiners Out", Heidi has shown Cartman her vagina (from six feet away, in the dark, and quickly) and they begin a romantic relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend. They use pet names like "babe" and "boo" for one another, hold hands, and both defend each other to Kyle Broflovski. Cartman frequently reminded other characters that she was both "really smart" and "really funny".

By the last few episodes of Season 20, primarily, "The End of Serialization As We Know It," Cartman experiences noticeable tension with Heidi after Kyle informed him that TrollTrace would allow Heidi to read his posts on social media, including a misogynistic post about the newer Ghostbusters film, despite neither Cartman nor Heidi still using the internet. Cartman becomes jealous when he believes Butters Stotch is trying to win her over, only for Butters' misogyny towards women after a recent breakup to spread back to Cartman, who begins to question if Heidi really is funny.

The season concludes with the tension between Heidi and Cartman remaining active as he begins to mistrust her and other women, while still re-affirming his own love for her - he even overtly wipes Heidi's kiss off of his cheek while she turns her back and walks towards her house. The future of their relationship is highly uncertain.

They break up in the Season 21 premiere, "White People Renovating Houses", because Cartman is not interested in listening to Heidi talk about her emotions or day, or sharing with her.

Cartman does say in the second episode of Season 21, “Put It Down” that he is back together with Heidi, but only to try and help her out with problems she has, but they seem to be romantic, as in the episode, Cartman is shown to call her romantic names such as “love”.



Although this pairing is not popular as a main pairing for the focus of a fanfiction, it is often used in stories where Cartman's relationships are only touched upon or mentioned, and is generally a "throwaway pairing". It declined when Cartman was revealed to have attractions to men, but has since spiked back up since Season 20 canonized it. This pairing Often Rivals with "Kyman".  

The Pairing has several fanfics.

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