Gone: A South Park Sequel
Fanfic Information
Author ocean0413
Rating T
Written June 25, 2011
No. of Chapters 11
Status Incomplete
Link Gone: A South Park Sequel
Series Chronology
Gone: A South Park Story Gone: A South Park Sequel
Fic Chronology
Gone: A South Park Story Gone: A South Park Sequel

Gone: A South Park Sequel is a fanfiction written and published on DeviantART by ocean0413.


After evading the Park County Police, Trent Boyett has come back to South Park to get the one thing he wants from that town.

After a bad fight with Kyle, a change of plans sends Lexi back home for the night alone. What she wasn't expecting was Trent to show up in her room, threatening her and her friends lives if she wouldn't leave South Park with him.

So now that Trent has received the information he needed from Stan, he is on his way to getting what he's been wanting for a long time.

Realizing what a complete ass-hole he was for how he treated her, Kyle is determined to get Lexi back from Trent. But there's just one problem: Where are they? And how are they going to find them?

Another kid moves to South Park. His name is Logan Price, and has been assigned to Lulu by Mr. Garrison to help with his classes. How does Kenny react? Not the way he should.


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