A Canon Pairing is a pairing that either has an inarguable basis for existence in the canonical South Park universe. This includes one-sided relationships and broken relationships, which still form a basis for shipping purposes, and fanon pairings which produced a relationship later in the show's run.

Though fanon pairings are popular among dedicated fanfiction writers and fan artists, canon pairings have the unique distinction of having appeal outside the fandom and spurring discussion among casual fans, and this awards them an advantage in creating and receiving fan works.

As of "Wieners Out", Creek remains the only known pre-existing canonical relationship among the fourth graders still standing, as the girls broke up with their boyfriends en mass upon the conclusion of "Skank Hunt", and Chartters breaks up in "Wieners Out" but around the same time, Heiman began dating.

However, as of "South Park: The Fractured But Whole", Stendy appears to have returned and as of "Splatty Tomato", Heiman has broken up.

List of Canon Pairings

List of Canon Pairings is below for fourth graders.

  • Stendy - Stan/Wendy
  • Creek - Craig/Tweek (as of "Tweek x Craig")
  • Tokole - Token/Nichole ("Cartman Finds Love")
  • Kybe - Kyle/Bebe ("Clubhouses")
  • Kybecca - Kyle/Rebecca ("Hooked on Monkey Phonics")
  • Kelley - Kenny/Kelly ("Rainforest Schmainforest")
  • Pipella - Pip/Estella ("Pip")
  • Candy - Cartman/Wendy ("Chef Goes Nanners")
  • Tenny - Kenny/Tammy ("The Ring")
  • Buttus - Butters/Lexus ("Raisins")
  • Tokendy - Token/Wendy ("Raisins")
  • Clybe - Clyde/Bebe ("Clubhouses", "The List")
  • Catty - Cartman/Patty ("Le Petit Tourette")
  • Clisa - Clyde/Lisa ("The Hobbit")
  • Chartters - Butters/Charlotte ("Where My Country Gone?")
  • Revin - Red/Kevin ("Skank Hunt")
  • Heiman - Cartman/Heidi ("The Damned")

Below are canon pairings amongst the adults. For the sake of simplicity, we will exclude the parents' marriages from this list.

  • Garrislave - Mr. Garrison/Mr. Slave ("The Death Camp of Tolerance")
  • Big Gay Slave - Big Gay Al/Mr. Slave ("Follow That Egg!")
  • Macksondik - Mr. Mackey/Ms. Choksondik ("Proper Condom Use")