Big Gay Al
Character Information
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age Late 30s
Occupation Scouts leader/Gay animal Sanctuary runner
Religion Roman Catholic
Debut Episode/Fic "Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride"

Big Gay Al is a character in South Park, who is a stereotypical homosexual man, known for his flamboyant and positive demeanor. For example, he almost always responds to the greeting "How are you?" with an upbeat "I'm super! Thanks for asking!"

Please visit his article on the South Park Archives for more information.



Big Gay Al on the SP-site

He wears a pink Hawaiian shirt, open at the top, a blue neckerchief, and brown corduroy trousers. His skin is heavily tanned. He has brown hair, eyelashes, a mustache, and very red lips (he may be wearing lipstick).

Marriage to Mr. SlaveEdit

It was revealed in "Follow That Egg!" that Big Gay Al had started up a relationship with Mr. Slave, the ex-boyfriend/sex slave of Mr. Garrison. Mr. Slave had previously broken up when Mr. Garrison got a sex change.

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