Elizabeth "Bailey" Jayden Swanson
Bailey without hood
Character Information
Gender Female
Hair Red
Eyes Dark Green
Age 9
Birthday November 17
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Occupation Student
Religion "Baileyism", legally Roman Catholic
Debut Episode/Fic "A Girl Called Bailey"

Elizabeth "Bailey" Jayden Swanson is an original character created by Dudette22.



Bailey was created by Dudette22. She first appears in "A Girl Called Bailey", where she moves to South Park and has trouble fitting in.


Bailey mentioned that everyone in her old school did think she was a boy and made fun of her, calling the name "Bailey" gay (still thinking she was a boy). She also said that she once had a girlfriend.

Home and FamilyEdit

Bailey originally lived in the small fictional town of Green Lake, Vermont, where she worked as a farmer in training. Her father and her moved to South Park after they began to live in poverty and were offered a house in South Park.

Bailey lives with her father after her mother died giving birth to her. Bailey knows about her mother's death, as her father told her that her mother had just passed on to a new life, leading Bailey to be obsessed with death and finding her mother. Her mother's death also made Bailey hate herself, thinking that her mother's death was all her fault.

She has a pet lamb called Joey, which was the only thing the airport allowed her to bring along with her to South Park



Bailey was a farmer when she lived in Hawkreach, as she earned her pocket money by cattling sheep, growing crops and doing all the basic farming. She had actually enjoyed farming and was disappointed to find out that she could do it no longer when she moved to South Park.


Bailey has been obsessed with death ever since her mother died. She has read many books on death and attempted to learn a lot about it in school, but she does still not understand the concept of death. Her obsession ended when Kenny taught her that death is natural and can happen for any reason.


Bailey has been shown to be a slut sometimes, as she doesn't get how serious sexual intercourse is. She can get rather horny at times and just talk on and on and on about sex. She has also mention she has had anal sex before and given three boys blowjobs. Bailey's obsession with sex also leads to her becoming bi-sexual often.


Bailey is not very religious, believing that God punishes nice people and that he is an asshole. She has created her own religion which she calls "Baileyism" and is offended if anyone insults her religion. Apparently, her religion is all about being yourself and not having a god or anything to push you around.


Bailey being introduced

Bailey being introduced to 3rd Grade, Mr Garrison made her take off her hood

Bailey is a white 9-year-old girl with red hair. She wears a parka similar to Kenny's orange one, only hers is blue. Under her parka, she wears an incorrectly-buttoned dark grey shirt. She also wears black gloves, dark blue jeans and black combat boots. Most of Bailey's clothes are over-sized, including her shirt (under her parka), her jeans and her boots (her boots are hand-me-downs from her father).

Because of her name, appearance and the way she acts, many people mistake Bailey for a boy. She doesn't really care and says would prefer to be a boy than a "girly fag". Also, she says she wears only her parka, because it was the last item her mother gave her; also, because her father would dress her in a frilly pink dress, the only other thing she has to wear. Bailey is also unusually short for her age, being 3,4 ft at 9 years old. She has a missing front tooth and scars on her right hand fingers from an operation.


Bailey is described by her father as a "very disturbed little girl", mainly because she is not into normal girl things. She is quite the pervert and is occasinally creepy. She doesn't fit in at South Park, because everyone looks down on her for being the new girl. She was shy on her first day, as when she was introduced to everyone, she pulled the strings of her parka to hid her face completely. She is a tomboy and will look down on anything to do with girly stuff. She is also dyslexic and has trouble in reading and writing.


Jack Swanson

Jack SwansonEdit

Jack is Bailey's 39 year-old father. He currently works at Jimbo's Guns and occasionally takes Bailey out for hunting. He deeply loves and cares about his daughter, trying to make her happy at all him attempts. Bailey loves her father more than anything in the world, but knows he is clueless to how she feels about her life.

Jack disapproves of Kenny and Bailey's relationship and tells her she's too young for boys.

Eliza SwansonEdit

Eliza Swanson
Eliza is Bailey's 38 year old deceased mother. She died the day after giving birth, leading to Bailey being obsessed with death and finding her mother. Bailey sees her mother as a role-model for dying just to let her live and cherishes her in memory. Eliza was also the parent of Bailey to carry the Ginger gene.
Madeline Beckett

Madeline BeckettEdit

Madeline is Bailey's 35 year old step-mother. Bailey hates and is afraid of her as she has read all about wicked step-mothers as a child, but Madeline actually cares about Bailey and tries to make her feel comfortable around her.


Friendship/Relationship With Kenny McCormickEdit

Kenny's Opinion Of BaileyEdit

Kenny had shown attraction towards Bailey ever since he found out she was a girl. When her face was revealed in front of the class, he took an instant liking to her.

Kenny & Bailey

Illustrated by FireDancer1.

He found her in a trash bin at lunch and offered her a seat at the girls' table and his lunch, as she didn't have any. Kenny asked her out on a triple date. They went on a triple date, alone with Stan and Wendy and Kyle and Indie. Bailey ended up giving Kenny a blowjob, not realizing how wrong it is.

Kenny decided that he wanted to wait before he began a serious relationship with Bailey and she is still his crush, however.

Bailey's Opinion Of KennyEdit

Bailey has shown to like Kenny, as he was the only person to be nice to her when she moved to South Park. It then later developed into a crush, especially when Kenny asked Bailey on a date.

Friendship With Indie ChamesEdit

Bailey and Indie have shown to be friends, as Indie was willing to come round Bailey's house. Other evidence is that Bailey came round Indie's house for advice on Kenny.

Their friendship started as the creators of the characters happen to be friends in real life.

Relationship With Kyle BroflovskiEdit

Kyle has shown to dislike Bailey, but is supportive of her and Kenny's relationship. He even encouraged Kenny to ask Bailey out, so that they could triple date. Kyle is now possibly disgusted of Bailey, as he witnessed her give Kenny a BJ.

Bailey is shown to like Kyle and think of him as a "relationship organizer", as he officially started her and Kenny's relationship.

Conflict With Stan MarshEdit

Stan has shown great dislike of Bailey (as all the fourth grade has) and looks down on her for being new. He was willing to triple date with her and Kenny, but now most likely doesn't like her again as she had given Kenny a BJ.

At the end of "A Girl Called Bailey", he was forced to let Bailey into the boys' group by Kenny.

Bailey is shown to like Stan, but doesn't realize how much he doesn't like her.

Conflict With Eric CartmanEdit

Cartman completely hates Bailey mainly for her being new, having Kenny as her love interest and because he hates everyone. Bailey has shown to dislike Cartman back, as she knows how mean and cruel he is.


  • Bailey's real name is actually Elizabeth, but the only person she has told is Kenny.
  • Bailey only puts up her hood when she is nervous, scared, shy, upset or anything along those lines. She will ALWAYS have her hood down around Kenny.
  • Bailey has a ridiculously bad stuttering problem.
  • Bailey has a small (but strong) attraction towards Emily.
  • Bailey can be seen with a pink bow in her hair randomly as her father tries to make her wear it.
  • Bailey owns an ask account on DeviantART called AskBaileySwanson.

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