Anna Colemann
South park oc anna colemann by skittles91000-d3npy7e
Character Information
Gender Female
Hair Black with Blue tips
Eyes Sea Green
Age 10
Birthday April 17
Zodiac Sign Aries
Occupation Student
Debut Episode/Fic "Life in South Park"

Anna Lillian Colemann is an original character created by Skittles91k.

Anna is a fourth grader (formally third) at South Park Elementary. She used to live in New York City, but her family decided to move to South Park to raise the new baby. She has a crush on Stan Marsh, and many friends, more than in New York.

Her alter ego is a superhero named Midnight Raven, she works with Siren and several other heroes.


Anna has black hair and with blue tips, she dyed her hair due to a bet she lost with her former friend. She wears a blue hoodie, with darker blue gloves and blue jeans. Under her jacket she wears a dark blue shirt with a skull on it.

She hates dressing in fancy clothes. When she has to she wea
Anna in her fancy clothes by skittles91000-d4amqy0

Anna dressed up.

rs a pretty blue shirt, a long white

skirt and a cross neckless. The only time she has dressed fancier then that was at the School dance.

When Anna is Midnight Raven, she wears a black shirt with black pants. She also has a gray scarf, and gloves. She has black wings, claws and banadanna with gray dots on it. Her power is talking to birds and flying.

Catch Phrases and MannerismsEdit

Anna is normally quiet, she sometimes fears what people think of her.

Some things she commonly say are...

"If the world didn't have animals, we would all be dead."
"I don't hate anyone... I don't room in my heart for hate... except for Wendy"
"It just doesn't work that way!"
"You have got to be kidding!"
"The only thing I could hate is animal abusers... and Wendy."

Whenever someone (mostly Cartman) does something dumb she crosses her arms and sighs.

When there is a thunderstorm she goes into her closet, holds her knees to her chest and covers her head, sometimes crying.

Criminal RecordEdit

Anna doesn't get into much trouble since she doesn't see much point in it.


Anna ran away from home to join Stan when he was fighting the Japanese to stop Whaling.


Anna accidentally started the fire with Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman, and when she was in New York she and Emily caught a bush on fire by accident.


Anna and her friend Emily stole the hair dye used to dye her hair.

Vandalism/Attempted MurderEdit

Anna was angry at Emily for ditching her to hang out with some other girls, so she messed with their bikes. They crashed and one of them had her head split open and almost died. Anna didn't say anything about it but she still feels bad about it.

Under Age DrinkingEdit

Emily tricked her into drinking beer for laughs.


Anna joined Coon and Friends as Midnight Raven with the sole intention of having fun, but it turned out she really had superpowers



In Good Times with Weapons, Anna used a Katana as was very skilled with it.


Anna has a good singing voice, but she is extremely shy singing in front of crowds. This didn't effect her in Rainforest Shmainforest because she was singing with a group. She plays the flute very well in Pandemic and Die, Hippe Die!


Anna gets almost straight A's. She loves reading and science.


When Anna is Midnight Raven, she feels braver and more confident.


Anna is kind, shy, and quiet. She has always found it hard making friends until she moved to South Park. She loves animals more than anything, she loves reading, and her favorite subject in school is science. She is a talented artist and singer, but she has severe stage fright, even in front of her closest friends. She enjoys watching shows like Terrance and Phillip.

Friends are the things she treasures most since she has never had many. She doesn't want to lose any friends and sometimes fears they will want to stop being her friend, or don't like her.

Anna gets jealous very easy. She is often jealous of Wendy for dating Stan. Wendy knows this and knows how to make her mad. She was also extremely jealous when her brother was born.

She hates sports since she is not very good at them. In The Losing Edge, she was labelled The worst hitter on the team She didn't mind though since she hated the game as much as the guys. She joined the team after Catherine and Stan convinced the others she sucked at hitting.

She gets good grades in school and loves reading.

When she was 5 her family was driving back from dinner and got in a car crash due a thunderstorm, the road was slick. Her father had been injured the most, being the in the hospital for one and a half months, her mother and sister were fine. Anna hit her head, causing her to have Amnesia, so she didn't remember anything. She had nightmares for weeks though, causing her to develop a fear of thunder and lightning. She also has a sensitive spot on her head where it got it, in Imagination land when the Portal began to suck everything in, Stan pushed her aside to stop her from going in and she hit the spot, causing her to get Amnesia again, and forgetting the last couple days.

Anna tries to remain enthusiastic about things. In Pandemic, she tried to remain happy about being in Peru, trying to get people to see how awesome it was. She doesn't get angry very often but when she does it mostly has something to do with Wendy, Cartman, someone being rude to animals or her friends, or just people being stupid.

Raisens anna by skittles91000-d4alqzi

Anna as a Raisins girl

Anna has a hard time dealing with Peer pressure. She gives in to it easily. Some of the Raisens girls wanted to see what she would look like, so she decided to, but ended up working when one of the girls got sick and had to go home. Another time is in "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset" Bebe convinced Anna to dress up, and made her stay that way, Anna ran away from her, and found Wendy. Where the two girls teamed up for once to stop the Whore fad with the help of Mr.Slave. The girls later had an argument and became enemies again.

Back in Anna's home in New York, she hid a box in a hole in a wall. Inside she has all of the money she saved since she was 6, which adds up about to $1,275. She hides the key under the box, it is taped to it with black duct tape so no one can find it.


Anna can't take Peer Pressure. One of the reasons her mother wanted to move away from New York was that there are less drugs in South Park. Other habits include:

  • She bites her nails when she is nervous.
  • She constantly doodles on school work.
  • When in deep thought she looks at the ceiling, biting something, most often a pencil or pen.


Anna loves her family and gets along with most of them

Andrew Colemann (Father)Edit

Anna s family by skittles91000-d4alk10.png

The Colemanns

Anna gets along with her father very well, they don't fight much. However when her brother was born, and her parents weren't paying any attention to her she got very jealous and angry. Her father works as an editor and sometimes reporter for the South Park Newspaper.

Amy Colemann (Mother)Edit

Anna had a great relationship with her mother, they almost never fight and she let's Anna get off with almost anything. The only problems they have had was when her brother was born. Her mother works as a substitute teacher.

Amanda Colemann (Older Sister)Edit

Anna doesn't get along very well with her sister, they fight constantly. When Anna was feeling jealous of her brother, Amanda explained that is how she felt when Anna was born. This gave Anna the fear that she would end up hating her brother so she ignored her jealousy, and helped her parents. She thanked her sister for the advice.

Ashton Colemann (Younger Brother)Edit

Anna was jealous of her brother when he was first born, but she grew to feel more like an older sister, and vowed to have a better relationship with him, then with Amanda.

Jennifer Colemann (Cousin)Edit

Anna has no friendship with Jennifer at first, but after she helps her with her Seven sides, they become friends. Jennifer was a villain with Disharmony named Computer Nerd, she can control technology.

Dylan Colemann (Cousin)Edit

Anna has never really talked to Dylan. He was adopted when Anna was 5. He has a crush on Anna, and runs away from Idaho to see her.


Best Friendship with Serena HalesEdit

Serena was one of the first people Anna met when she moved to South Park. She enjoys Serena's singing and thinks she is very nice.

Best Friendship Ranielle JayesEdit

She thinks Rani is funny, and cool. She worries when Rani does dangerous stuff because she has never had many friends and doesn't want to lose any.

Best Friendship with Catherine Rose DixonEdit

Anna loves hanging out with Catherine, and tries to get her with Kenny, she thinks they make a great couple.

Best Friendship with Leia Exasporie/Felicia DeinuEdit

Anna loves hanging with the two of them, she feels closer to Leia though. She doesn't know if she thinks Kyle should be with Leia or Scarlett. She admires Felicia's bravery.

Best Friendship with Scarlett HarrisonEdit

Anna enjoys Scarlett's company. She thinks she is cute with Kyle, but also thinks that about Leia.

Best Friendship with Shadow SarrenEdit

Anna tried making friends with Shadow when she first moved to South Park, but ended up making her mad. When Anna got in a fight with Wendy, Shadow stepped in and told her to back off. Anna has a good relationship with her, but is still confused about her

Relationship/Best Friendship with Stan MarshEdit

Stan stood up for Anna when Craig, Token, Jimmy, and Clyde were picking on her, she was happy to have made friends with him. She thinks he is smart and sweet, and has a crush on him which later turns to love. She is often very jealous of his girlfriend Wendy, and gets into fights with her a lot. Stan hates it when they fight. She barly fights with Stan, except for when it's about Wendy. She is quick to help him when he is trouble. In Whale Whores she ran away from visiting her family in New York. When Stan developed cynicism, she stayed his friend despite what her other friends said about him. When everyone thought Stan has Asperger's, she yelled Oh my god you idiots, he doesn't have Asperger's, he has CYNICISM!! She was happy when he became normal again.

She didn't start to feel major feelings for him until Valentine's Day when she saw just how sweet he could be.

Conflict with Wendy TestaburgerEdit

Wendy hated Anna ever since Stan stood up for her, she soon declared them Enemies for life. The fight all the time, mostly they don't get to violent, but they yell.

Ex- Relationship with Clyde DonovanEdit

Anna dated Clyde for a while, then when he cheated on her with several girls, she dumped him, although she still has feelings for him and he has feelings for her.

Ex- Best Friendship with Bebe StevensEdit

Bebe showed Anna to Mr. Garrisons class on her first day, they hang out often but she sometimes gets mad at her. When Clyde cheated on Anna with Bebe it ruined their friendship, they barley talk now.

Ex- Best Friendship with Emily GreeneEdit

Emily Greene was Anna's friend in New York. They met in Kindergarten and were best friends. They spent almost every seconds with each other. In the summer after 2nd grade, they made a bet. Whoever could hold their breath longer under water won. Anna lost, and she had to dye blue tips, in her hair. They stole the hair dye, and did it them selves. Her mom got mad, (she didn't know they stole it) Anna's punishment was she had to walk around with the crappy hair dye for a week, then she got it re-done.

At the end of the summer, Emily and Anna met three girls. Katey Smith, Jaime Reed, and Rita Gaspari. Anna didn't like them, but Emily began to after a few weeks. When they got into 3rd grade, Emily began hanging out with the three girls more and more. Anna began to notice Emily's change in behavior. Then one day, a few weeks before Anna moved to South Park, she completely changed her look, to "girly" When Anna told Emily the news about her moving. She replied by saying I don't see why your telling me this....maybe you want me to pity you, I mean your moving away from this big city, to some crappy hic town. But I suppose that you will fit right in...tomboy. Emily proceeded by walking away, and joining Katey, Jaime, and Rita.

One week before moving away, Emily, Katey, Jaime, and Rita were at the mall. Anna, jealous, messed up their bikes, and they ended up crashed. Rita split her head open, she lost a lot of blood and had to stay in the hospital for a long time. Anna didn't speak to Emily or the others until she left, and left a message for Emily on her phone, but after that she has never spoken to her.

Midnight RavenEdit

Anna as midnight raven by skittles91000-d4ajowl

Anna as Midnight Raven

Anna has an alter-ego known as Midnight Raven.She wears a black shirt with black pants. She also has a gray scarf, and gloves. She has black wings, claws and bandana with gray dots on it. Her power is talking to birds and flying.

When Trickster was getting Power Seeds Anna got convinced to join Dark Siren, Dark Wing, and Dark Kenny because she felt she was weak, and became Dark Raven. She soon turned back to Midnight Raven shortly afterwards.

Dark midnight raven by skittles91000-d4cd8aq

Anna as Dark Raven

Anna's power seed is a light and dark blue lily, the light blue represents her good side, and the dark blue represents her Dark side.
Midnight raven s power seed by skittles91000-d4d6fty

Midnight Ravens Power Seed

The Seven Sides of Anna ColemannEdit

Anna's personallity got split into seven sides when her cousin Jennifer shot her with a laser she made.

Side One: Smart Anna Anna's Smart side. She has long hair, with green highlights and glasses. She is always correcting others. (Mostly Anna) And is hated by mostly everyone.

Side Two: Love Anna Anna's love life. Whenever she sees Stan she gets really excited, and can't help but tell him how she feels. She also represents Anna's kind side.

Side Three: Shy Anna Anna's Shy side, she is the most dormat of the seven sides, and doesn't talk much.

Side Four: Hyper Anna Anna's Hyper side, Her, along with Mean Anna are the most active,

Side Five: Mean Anna Anna's mean side. She is rude, and violent. She is the dominant side and normally comands the other seven sides on what to do. She constantly talks to Anna in her head.

Side Six: Prep Anna Anna's inner prep. She is rude, much like Smart Anna only not as hated.

Side Seven: Dark Raven Originally the first side to appear, before the others were created. When her and the other six were released she intended to bring back Dark Wing and the others by stealing Jennifer's ray gun. Anna, Jennifer, the six other sides, and some help from the other Coon and Friends, they defeated her but injecting her with something Disharmony made, causing her to go insane, she can no longer feel pain, and under the control of the six sides she helps Anna when she is in danger.

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