Allan Mercer
Character Information
Gender Male
Hair Blonde
Age 10
Birthday April 27
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Occupation Student
Religion Baptist
Debut Episode/Fic Not So Sound Sleep

Allan Mercer is an original character created by Dovah4.


Allan Mercer's appearance is very close to Kenny's look with slight darker hair and blue jeans and wears no hood.

Personality & TraitsEdit

Allan is calm but very enforcing and tough but can be laid back. He is shy most of the time and may freeze with fear if told to do something like perform. He doesn't get fear stricken if he is focused on something and won’t be fearful if he is in a combative state (mainly fights with Cartman and Mercer always wins at). Due to his past of how he got to South Park he had the taste of revenge only some people he can forgive which are his friends, Stan, Kyle, and Kenny. The scar on his face was from how he got to South Park (which him and his family were captured by a gang lord and was used for ransom and finally his parents were killed and left for dead buried in snow, until Stan, Kenny, and Kyle saw him lying on the ground with his dead parents while Cartman kept hitting him with a stick until Kenny punched Cartman and called the ambulance).


He was from South Carolina until he and his family were taken and used for ransom and killing him leaving him and his family for dead in South Park to be found by Stan, Kenny, and Kyle. Cartman came right after the fact and starting beating him with a stick until Kenny punched Cartman and forced him to stop. After being taken to the ambulance the kids and Stan also Wendy all asked Mr. Garrison if they could go to the hospital to see their friend and with Garrison's Sympathy he allowed them to go. He did fall in love with Wendy though he never announces it to anyone and finds out she’s with Stan. Kind of disappointed and in a few seconds he forgets the problem. He does use himself as the protector for his friends. There were times where he was stabbed and mutilated and shot times where he has died but brought back to life with his power. Certain times when he was bare like swimming his scars show a lot over 200 scars on him. All his friends worry about him when he realizes that he is a monster (see Doom for the reason) he rarely eats sometimes (if there is a good or happy moment he is optimistic and forgets the problem). He always thinks that this problem of his family was meant to happen (though every time at midnight he still goes to his parent’s grave.) though when Kenny finds out what Allan’s problem is Allan asks Kenny to tell no one. During the events of Elementary School Musical he was whispering to himself about his problems though after he left the crowd they were going to expect that he would sing though he felt some vibration and starts to get frustrated when he turns around he sees everyone and goes on to tell them "Go f*ck yourself!!" out of pure rage. Every time there was singing of some sort in the class or anywhere he just casually leaves the room and just leaves the school casually like during the events of Elementary School Musical. When he sensed the foot steps of all the people thinking stan was going to sing he tells Stan to run and every one about to call Allan a douche or calling him no fun until Allan turns around revaling a gash on his forehead. When people gotten scared if hes ok they try to rush him to the nurses office though tries to walk away but people blocking his path saying you have to go to the nurse he agrees but he slips away using his powers and sneaks away until they see him out side walking away. His favorite book was H.G. Wells War Of The Worlds and songs Jeff Wayne's War of The Worlds he started to like them when he heard an ULLAAA right outside and finds out that what he heard was real martians. After that he shouts Ulla and when he does he changes each pitch and the pitch that the martians constantly used was the only one to call them he only calls the martians in devastating needs like over powered and needs backup. The closest he was to almost complete death is when he finds the group that killed his family but had to go as a hero



Allan Mercer after becoming Vengeance

Doom is Allan Mercer as a super hero and part of the only few that have actual powers. His powers that nicknames as a curse is the ability to be able to turn any limb into this black substance that will form into drills and blades shields an extra coat of armor this also means regeneration ability to. He is able to cause massive explosions by tendril and use them like rope. He has massive strength taking down a tree in one kick. he also has the most suffering through this form where he becomes a devastating brute bigger that a man when he turned into it his friends say he looked like "the guy from spider man that had the black suit and was big except you don’t have the spider on your back!" More likely resembling Venom from Spiderman. When in that state he can feed on animals and humans taking their life force to make him stronger by having to eat them whole and use his tendrils coming sticking out of his back to hold his prey in.



Later in a short time only 1 day he changes his suit for the power that he has to make his suit and renames his hero self vengeance and gotten rid of his weaponry. Vengeance is way different then doom instead his suit is made out the same kind of alien like material he has with his powers. The suit is completely formed around him and can put it on the fly due to him using his powers to make the suit. The yellow eyes and dark empty like hood was him making an optical illusion that his eyes are glowing except the small pupils which he can’t conceal same thing with his cowl except he can hide it all. When he is on the streets he would occasionally kill any robber or convict though what he does while he is searching he may take a few breaks, mainly on the highest building so he can still watch over the city. When he sees Mysterion around he may follow him out of suspicion. Most times Mysterion notices his shadow from a street light. Vengeance's closet encounter with Mysterion was when Mysterion was told to check out an area until he saw Vengeance there. One of his worst moments of almost getting killed was when a person with powers like his though. Vengeances power was stronger but was almost beaten to death because he slipped and fell
Vengance fight aftermath

after math of fight

on to a shredded piece of sharp metal which impaled into his back leaving him defense less while he removed the shard after the fight. Stan heard the fight and a kid with wounded and tried to chase him. Vengeance lost his hood after the fight and has a blood stained coat that dried after the fight.


He is primarily shy in front of most people and freeze into shock sometimes if he is asked to do something in front of a crowd. He also is very violent to people who mess or hurt his friends (with the exception of Cartman).


Allan's friendships were normal being friends with Kenny, Stan, and Kyle he considers his friends like family for the exception of Cartman he has never liked him he hated him.

Kenny McCormickEdit

He always had nice times with Kenny they always love to trick people though there are the closest

Stan MarshEdit

During the times when he falls into the new fads such as singing Stan sees his friendship Allan start to fall he always sees that Allan will support him no matter what

Eric CartmanEdit

Allan has always hated Cartman every time he makes fun of something some one cant help Allan beats down Cartman

Kyle BroflovskiEdit

He supports Kyle and telling him every one has a religion and tells him being made fun of by cartman is not so bad and says his life will suck and haunt him farther in life

Love Interests Edit

Allan has no girlfriend or anyone nor any interest he always thinks he's better off alone due to him calling himself a monster though some times he thinks some girls may like him because of him seeing some girls just stare at him. Every time he sits at lunch he hears sometimes a girl or a few talking about him though he tries to stay away.

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